Start Date: 01 Feb 2018, Thursday

End Date: 01 Feb 2018, Thursday

Time: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Classroom: LMA Champion Room


Building a Strong Chinese Network


With China’s strong and rapid economic development, Chinese investors are investing globally at a rapid pace. Singapore is definitely one of their choice destination due to a stable political and economic environment. Other strong attractions include a robust education system and steady property market. In fact, many record property prices had been set by the Chinese investors. It is certainly a market not to be ignored!

With the rising sophistication of the Chinese investors, real estate salespersons who want to seize this market need to be equipped with the right skills and understanding to engage them.

Adding on to such skills and understanding will be effective communication with the right Chinese terminology for real estate transactions. Most Chinese are not familiar with the English language which is Singapore official language. For eg. What is the right Chinese terminology for ABSD, Plot Ratio, LTV, Joint Tenancy, etc. Furthermore, how to explain Singapore Real Estate Landscape in simple and fluent Chinese. It will be instrumental for salespersons to be equipped with the right Chinese terms for effective communication. Investors can make faster and better decision when they have better understanding of the transaction.

This program is designed by 2 experienced entrepreneur and financial adviser who have wide dealings with Chinese investors. They will empower the participants to have the skills and scripts engage effectively with the Chinese investors.

Learning outcomes:

1. Impact on the investment behaviours of Chinese investors from the rapid economic growth from emerging economy to the world's 2nd largest economic powerhouse
2. Understand the unwavering love of real estate investment for the Chinese
3. Understand Chinese Urban Migration policy and why Singapore is among their top choice for migration
4. Understand the importance for Chinese to invest overseas and the various methods they adopt to transfer funds out of China
5. Understand ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative and the positive impacts 
6. How to gain the trust of Chinese investors and maintain a long term relationship
7. How to socialise, entertain and communicate effectively with Chinese clients 
8. Equip with Chinese translations relating to Singapore policy for the following subjects:
1) Real estate landscape
2) Currency policy
3) Property Financing 
4) Tax regime
5) Setting up Company 
6) Succession policy
7) Wealth Management
8) Investment immigration

Program is designed for anyone who want to understand more on Chinese investors and will be conducted in English.


Mr Low Heng Yuen BSc, (Estate Management), Hons
CEO, Oaks Valley Pte Ltd

He has lived and spent a large part of his career in China and made many successful business ventures there. His China experience spans across various industries and sectors, ranging from manufacturing, human resources and real estate. He experienced first hand how China transformed itself into an economic powerhouse in the past 20 years, successfully ridding on the economic wave to build his personal fortune. Due to his many years of dealing with Chinese people of all levels, he has a very good grasp of the Chinese culture and the intricacies doing business with them. He understands the mindset of Chinese investors and many of his business associates in China value his advice.

Today, Heng Yuen spends his time looking out for good business ventures to invest his time and money. He is known for his acute smell for good business opportunities. His business insights has impressed and benefited many.

Alfred Chia BSc, CFP, FChFP, ChFC, SAMP, Affiliate of STEP 
CEO, SingCapital Pte Ltd
Alfred is the CEO of SingCapital which is a Financial Advisory firm licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial advisory field serving both individuals and corporations, and sits on the board of various real estate funds as independent director and advisory board member.

His insights and perspectives on various financial matters are regularly sought after by numerous media channels from radio to TV.

He is well versed with Chinese and had served many Chinese investors coming to Singapore on wide range of financial services.

As an ardent believer in the power of education, Alfred strives to share his knowledge through as many conduits as possible. He is the Creator and Chief Trainer for the popular program, 'Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planner', for real estate and financial professionals.

This passion to share has also prompted Alfred to author 3 books, ‘Mortgage and Grow Rich’, ‘Grow Rich Singapore Style’ and ‘Last Wishes’. The books are dedicated to holistic financial planning towards financial well beings.