How to Identify Condos with En Bloc Potential?

Start Date: 28 Aug 2018, Tuesday

End Date: 28 Aug 2018, Tuesday

Time: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Classroom: LMA Champion Room

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1. To equip PropNexians with knowledge of collective sale to serve their clients professionally without the burden of being sued by giving wrong advice and to assist clients to acquire properties with a peace of mind.

2. To equip collective sale department with manpower with agents who know how to calculate and explain the numbers and rationale of how we derive reserve price and therefore enable us to reach 80% signing with speed and clarity and to propel PropNex to a key player in collective sale with successful en bloc projects in the coming months ahead.



ü  How to determine Reserve Price & calculate the Payout based on share values and strata areas?

ü  How to calculate the top up lease and differential premium (DC)?

ü  What are the timeline & challenges in collective sales?

In the coming course, you will have a deep understanding on the challenges facing collective sales and will be able to make better intelligent decision on whether to acquire any en bloc property. Candidates will be given at least 6 case studies of past and present collective sales, to learn how to calculate land prices, and study potential en bloc sites.


Tracy Goh, Associate Director, Propnex Investment & Collective Sales

Ms Tracy Goh has been in the real estate business for more than 2 decades. She believes with the right strategies, everyone can make big money in real estate in good and bad times with minimal risk. She helps clients to buy, sell and manage properties portfolios for wealth multiplication and passive income.